Welcome to the astronomy field trips and astrophotography courses. From the spring semester 2018, two classes are being offered for your first steps into astrophotography! You can find on this website the goals of the classes, the numerous manuals and documentation for the classes as well as the contact details.


This is an introductory course on astrophotography using cameras and star-trackers. After learning how to choose an interesting deep sky object, and what to consider before pointing your camera at the night’s sky, we will go together to a dark spot near Zurich to take images. We provide tripods and star-trackers, you bring your own camera or share equipment with another student. You will then process the data to produce a final image and write a short report.

Note that you will share the equipment but not the data. You will have to look at a different object than your group partner, and will write your own report about your pictures.

For the current semester (FS 2021):

  • On the first clear night (in April), we will go together to a close spot to practice. Because we are weather-dependent, we can only give notice a few days in advance.
  • Please let us know (by email) with whom you are partnering and if you have a camera.
  • Hand-in the report before the end of the semester.
  • The first preparation class is on 17th March.)

This class is offered from FS 2018.

This course is an advanced course in astrophotography using precision telescopes, star-guiders, ccd cameras to take multi-filter long exposure images of galaxies or nebulae. This class gives you freedom in choosing the location and the telescope you want, but also requires a considerable investment of time in learning how to use astronomical imaging equipment. However, if you manage through, you will learn many of the advanced steps in astrophotography and be able to take spectacular images.

The new doodle for the telescope bookings will soon be published. (An introductory class will be held if necessary).

Before booking/taking any equipment, please consider:
– Pick up and return day have to be on week days during office hours, by arrangement. We are usually not around during the week-ends, thanks!
– However the first time we recommend you to setup the telescope inside the institute so that we can help you and be sure you know how to use it.
– Always check if the equipment is complete or you will be held for responsible of the loss. Advise us immediately if you miss any piece. The complete lists can also be found here .